About us...

We are the UK's leading Multiglow fire service and repair  experts - when a Multiglow fire is serviced or repaired by us, it is serviced/repaired to the highest possible standards.

Alongside fireplace-fitters.co.uk, we are one of the UK’s leading fire installation and servicing companies with over 20 years experience in the industry. We are Gas Safe registered (no. 508470), have full public liability insurance and we are members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and the National Fireplace Association.


Due to our reputation and knowledge of the industry we were approached by Multiglow and asked by them to work as an authorised service company. Now, with 10 years experience of servicing, repairing and installing Multiglow fires, we are the premier Multiglow fire service and repair company. We can also supply Multiglow fire parts.

To have your Multiglow fire serviced by the experts, call us on 01787 236117.

To help us identify your fire quicker it would be helpful if you could send us a picture of the data plate (a silver sticker located under the fire) and the part you require.

Are you a retailer or product designer? We have in-depth knowledge and experience of Multiglow fires and we offer servicing, repair, component sourcing, spare parts and telephone support. Call or email for details and ask for Amy.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! If your fire is in the Multiglow Genesis range and has the coal fuel bed with the fingers - we can no longer obtain the fingers but we can replace the burner. We can also get gas valves, thermocouples and standard coals for your fire.